Unlocking growth
by design.
Tech industry
case study.

Design has a critical role in creating a sustainable competitive advantage and catalysing growth. This is particularly true in the Tech Industry, where often the focus on human centric design and communications can be left in the sidelines.

We have had the fortune of supporting many great companies achieve their ambitions across the various different stages of growth. They understood that a deep collaborative approach and a practical, iterative, goal oriented focus can lead to exceptional results.

MVP Product launch for VYND


VYND is an AI supported service creating real local content datasets and distilling insights for the entertainment Industry.

Iktomi conceived, developed, branded and launched and managed the entire service before spinning it off as a separate vehicle. This was done iteratively, creating the proof of concept and then the MVP and refining based on market feedback.

VYND was shortlisted as a finalist for best startup in the Dubai
Smartrepreneur Competition run by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Early Stage
Unlocking funding for Apaya


APAYA is a B2B SaaS allowing clients to build, automate, and optimize payment flows through a no code platform.

Iktomi redeveloped Apaya’s entire brand identity and refocused the product on its USP of freedom. Through careful planning of the UX and updating all brand touchpoints, we coordinated the message to support them not only in client communications but also to unlock funding.

Through its new positioning and with Iktomi support Apaya was able to close its Seed fund and get selected to the prestigious DIFC FinTech Accelerator Programme.

Scaling for Growth
UX and Digital Transformation for Tennders


Iktomi’s transformative work turned Tennders from a traditional freight management company into Europe’s leading SaaS-driven online marketplace, connecting carriers and fleet companies worldwide.

We initiated the process by focusing on an MVP to digitize and optimize Tennders’ operations. In subsequent phases, we adopted an agile workflow to iteratively enhance the product and optimize the UX, enabling the company to scale and establish itself as an online marketplace.

From pre-launch through the scaled growth, Iktomi supported the project, helping Tennders gain significant traction and scalability and to secure their next USD 2.6m round of funding.

Pivot and Refocus
Brand strategy and evolution for Noqodi


Noqodi is a fintech platform focused on a digital wallet payment solution. The company had been in operation for a long time and needed to rebrand in order to expand its focus from just a governmental focused platform to one that could also capture B2B and B2C clients.

Iktomi defined a full brand and digital communications strategy, analysing the competitive landscape and crafting a unique positioning. A powerful new brand was then created and rolled out to support new business expansion.

The new brand was an enormous success and was able to attract and excite not only the new users but also the current clients.

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