Art For Health





Art for Health is an art competition sponsored by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to raise awareness on health topics.

IKTOMI was asked to develop a branding program comprising of a bi-lingual name, visual identity and website that would build momentum and excitement towards the initiative and inspire youth to participate in the competition.

Creativity that inspires change

Our objective was to create a brand identity that engages with the primary target audience, the youth. Our aim was to represent the art competition about serious health topics in a playful way and create a design that is distinct and recognizable.

The brand name is a call to action and is easy to understand for English and Arabic speakers. Visually we aimed at creating a brand that juxtaposes a simple, strong and versatile logo with an iconic, artistic and engaging graphic element that is used throughout all design and communication touch-points. Red is associated with energy, strength and passion; light blue is a reference to the sky, freedom and creativity. The website has a clean design with a navigation that clearly communicates the competition’s vision.

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