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Casinetto is one of the leading high quality food distributors of the UAE, supplying the best in Italian and international products to the best hotels and restaurants of the region.

IKTOMI was asked to undertake a full rebranding project and develop a full visual language and a singular brand identity for a company that had been active in a traditional industry for generations and required a bold and fresh departure from the expected and standard visual tropes of the traditional Italian food company.





Heritage, modernity and a world of flavour

Casinetto takes its name from a family-run farm in Italy, in the foothills of Rome surrounding an extinct volcano, where the Bernardelli family has been pressing olive oil for generations.

We evolved their older logo instead of abandoning it in order to maintain the goodwill that the company engendered over its history. The new logo was formalized, projecting a professional yet approachable image.

The identity is based on a layered combination of elements: the squared pattern reminiscent of a traditional Italian tablecloth, a further derivation of a bold graphic pattern, and the lush imagery of the local rustic Italian landscape. This combination results in a decidedly modern feel, yet maintaining a connection to tradition.



Complete communications and visual overhaul

Once the visual language was developed and confirmed, we applied this across the board to all identity applications, catalogues, communications and promotional materials and even vehicles and brand extensions.

Our objective was to create a very unified and integrated visual platform for a rapidly growing company, avoiding the usual clichés that are present in the food distribution industry.


A coordinated digital identity

We coordinated all aspects of the brand in minute detail and developed a dynamic and fully responsive website that would drive attention to the company’ s vast portfolio of food products in an engaging and attractive manner and provide full visual continuity of the brand.

The brand was designed to tell a story evocatively and always engage and entice the viewer. The website reflects this through the tasteful use of animations and the design features of the user interface. The large lush images and the contrasts with icons, patterns and movements create a wonderful dynamic that draws focus to the world of flavor that Casinetto embodies.


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