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Noqodi is a leading e-wallet and digital payment solution that provides simple and secure financial services in UAE.

IKTOMI was asked to define the new brand strategy and revamp the Noqodi brand identity while creating an integrated design system to improve communications across all client touchpoints.

Envisioning the future of a cashless world

Noqodi is a digital payment solutions provider that has been helping businesses and consumers make payments more convenient and secure for over a decade. In recent years, the company has seen a surge in growth as more and more people embrace cashless payments.

As Noqodi grew, it became clear that the company’s brand identity needed to be updated to reflect its new mission: to empower the future for a cashless world.

The rebranding project was a major undertaking, but the team at Noqodi was committed to creating a new brand identity that would maintain the legacy of the old brand while also conveying the company’s new mission.

The new symbol is an evolution of the standard symbol that stands for cashless payment and conveys a sense of dynamic movement and transformation, while also suggesting the concept of empowerment.

A design system made by several brand components has been created to support the main identity and to represents Noqodi’s position as the central conduit for transformation, growth, and empowerment.

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