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VYND orchestrates and organizes datasets from various integrations to create a unified and evolving content database for the entertainment industry.

IKTOMI has played a pivotal role as an incubator for VYND, nurturing the project through every phase of its evolution.

IKTOMI accelerated VYND from Branding, Design, and Development angles. The final goal is to unlock the seed investment, ensuring a steady and successful journey.

Well-crafted User Experience Design

IKTOMI meticulously crafted the user experience by defining detailed user personas to understand the needs, behaviors, and goals of VYND’s target audience.

Following this, comprehensive user journeys were created to map out each potential interaction and scenario. IKTOMI reviewed all touch points with a user-centric focus, prioritizing ease of use, accessibility, and engagement at every step.

Data Architecture

IKTOMI defined and implemented four key pillars that were crucial to enabling VYND’s seamless operation.

These pillars included a robust data architecture, ensuring reliability and scalability; a user-friendly interface, designed for intuitive navigation and engagement; stringent security protocols, safeguarding user data and privacy; and comprehensive testing procedures, identifying and resolving potential issues before launch.

This strategic approach culminated in the development of a successful MVP product, positioning VYND for a strong market entry and future growth.


VYND Dashboard is the innovative product implemented by IKTOMI, serving as the main Client Access portal.

This powerful tool provides clients with seamless access to their data, featuring interactive charts for real-time insights and tailored reports that meet specific needs.

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, VYND Dashboard empowers clients to make informed decisions, track performance, and derive meaningful conclusions from their data, all within a single, integrated platform.

Where to Watch

Where to Watch is a publicly accessible portal that leverages VYND’s extensive database, enabling users to effortlessly search for and discover movies and series across various streaming platforms.

Beyond its user-friendly search functionality, the site also serves as VYND’s Demand Data collection pillar. Through its integrated analytics, it gathers valuable insights on user preferences and viewing trends, helping to refine recommendations and enhance the overall user experience.

Data Visualization

As VYND began catering to international investors in the entertainment industry with its comprehensive data, IKTOMI developed world-class data visualization templates and pitch decks.

These tools were designed to present a robust and professional image, ensuring that VYND stood out in the competitive landscape.

The high-quality visualizations and compelling presentations not only showcased VYND’s data effectively but also reinforced its position as a leader in the industry, attracting and impressing potential investors worldwide.

Communications and Digital Presence

IKTOMI further enhanced VYND’s image both online and offline by designing sophisticated marketing materials, brochures, and social media templates. These meticulously crafted assets helped to create a cohesive and professional brand presence, ensuring that VYND’s messaging was consistently impactful across all platforms.

The high-quality marketing materials and visually appealing social media templates not only attracted attention but also reinforced VYND’s reputation as a leader in the industry, effectively engaging their audience and driving brand recognition.




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